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Australia Work Visa

Australia Work Visa

Subclass 482

Medium-term stream:

This visa allows you to:

  • • Work in Australia for up to 4 yearswith your sponsor.
  • • Study without government assistance.
  • • Travel to and from Australia as often as you like while your visa is valid.
  • • Apply for permanent residence if you meet the eligibility criteria.

Family Inclusion:

  • • You can include additional family members, known as 'secondary applicants,' in your visa application

Your Responsibilities:

  • • You and your family are required to adhere to all visa conditions and comply with Australian laws.
  • • Commence your employment within 90 days of: a)Entering Australia if you were outside the country when the visa was granted. b)The visa grant date if you were already in Australia at the time of visa approval.

Short-term stream:

This Visa Allows You to:

  • Work: You can work for up to 2 years with a sponsor or up to 4 years with an International Trade Obligation (ITO).
  • Study: You can study but won't receive government assistance. Travel: Unlimited travel to and from Australia while the visa is valid. Eligible for permanent residence. Requires sponsorship in a Short-term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL) profession.

Adding Family Members:

  • • You have the option to include additional family members, referred to as 'secondary applicants,' in your visa application.

Your Responsibilities:

  • • Comply with visa conditions and Australian laws.
  • • Start your employment within 90 days of either entering Australia or the visa grant date, depending on your situation.

  • Subclass 186

    This visa grants you numerous benefits, including the ability to stay in Australia indefinitely, work and study in the country, enrol in Australia's public healthcare scheme, Medicare, sponsor eligible relatives to come or visit Australia, travel to and from Australia for five (5) years, and then apply for Australian citizenship if you are eligible. However, newly arrived residents may have to wait before they can access or gain certain Australian Government payments and benefits.

    Include family

    You can include your family members in the application while applying for this visa. Your family members include your partner, dependent child or stepchild, partner's dependent child or stepchild, and the dependent child or stepchild of your or your partner's dependent child or stepchild.
    You can include someone who has a subclass 457 visa or subclass 482 visa if those visas are granted to them because he or she is a member of your family. Family members who apply for the visa along with you must and should meet the health and character requirements of Australia. Family members who do not apply for the visa with you should also meet the requirements.

    Your obligations

    Submitting a complete application can lead to a faster processing time. As a visa holder, it is your responsibility to follow all Australian laws and to work for your nominating employer for at least two years. You must also start your job within six months of being admitted into Australia or receiving your visa.

  • Subclass 408

    With this visa, you have the opportunity to travel to or stay in Australia.

    Your obligations:

    It is important to follow all visa requirements and regulations set by Australian authorities. Additionally, you must comply with public health regulations to ensure safety and support in the fight against COVID-19. It is also important to ensure that your activities do not harm the working conditions of Australian citizens or permanent residents.

  • Subclass 407

    This visa allows you to participate in professional development training programs or workplace-based training in Australia to enhance your skills in your current occupation, field of tertiary study or area of expertise.

    Nomination types

    There are different nomination requirements depending on the type of training you seek. The three types of occupational training covered by this visa are:

    • • occupational training is required for registration,
    • • occupational training to improve skills in an eligible occupation, and
    • • occupational training for capacity building overseas, including overseas qualification, government support or professional. During the nomination stage, your sponsor will provide information about the nominee, the purpose and type of training, & how and where the training will be provided.

    Include family

    You can include your family members as applicants when you apply, but they must also meet the health and character requirements of Australia. If you apply for this visa from abroad, family members who are not travelling to Australia may also need to meet Australia’s health requirements.

    Newborn children

    If your child is born after you apply or while you hold your visa, don't worry. We can help you with what to do next.

    Subsequent entrants

    Your family members may be able to join you in Australia later on as subsequent entrants. To do this, they can use the Temporary Work and Activity Visa (Subsequent Entrant) (403, 407, 408). If their sponsor is not a Commonwealth Government Agency, they should be listed on the nomination form and provide a letter from the sponsor of the primary applicant confirming their agreement to sponsor them.

    Your obligations

    As a visa holder, it is important to note your obligations and responsibilities while in Australia. You and your family members must comply with all Australian laws.

    Financial support

    To ensure that you and your family members are financially stable during your time in Australia, it is necessary to have the means to support yourselves.

    Changing sponsors

    If you decide to train with another organization while in Australia, the new organization will need to nominate you and provide funding for your training. As long as you follow the training program approved by your visa, you don't need to apply for a new visa. However, if there are changes to your program, a new visa application may be required.

    Apply for a new visa

    If you wish to apply for a new Training visa (subclass 407), you will need ongoing sponsorship and may be required to provide an explanation for not completing your previous course within the allotted time.