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Canada Tourist Visa


Canada is a beautiful place, many people constantly travel for tourism or to meet their family and friends. Whether it might be a single entry or multiple entry Canada visa, it is issued under your name for a period of six months. During this time, you are eligible to stay, tour, or visit loved ones but not eligible for employment.


You can visit Canada for up to 6 months with the help of a simple visa application known as the Canada Visit Visa. The two types of Canada visas that are available in Canada are single-entry visas and multiple-entry visas. With a single-entry visa, foreign nationals are only permitted one entry into Canada. A multiple-entry visa allows its holder to enter and exit the country as frequently as they like while the visa is in effect. All applicants are automatically assessed for multiple-entry visas, and single-entry visas are only granted in exceptional circumstances, so you do not have to choose the type of visiting visa to apply for. However, the allotment of these visas is assigned by the government authorities and the applicants do not have the privilege to apply for any of such visas.

Crucial points to be noted

  • • This visa is only meant to visit your family, friends, or tourism
  • • Applying for employment is strictly prohibited
  • • You can take your family members along with you to visit
  • • This visa is approved within 27 days of submission or might take a little longer
About the document

Your passport will be stamped as Visitor Visa, which is also known as a temporary residence visa. It recognizes you as an eligible person to visit or stay in Canada. Whether visiting Canada or in case you are transiting through a Canadian airport in transit before arriving at your final destination, you will require to hold this visiting visa.