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S U D A K S H A V I S A S 2 G O
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Visa Categories

Enabling Your Immigration Successfully

Tourist Visa

Permits foreign nationals to visit a foreign country for tourism purposes for a limited duration.

  • Explore attractions of foreign countries
  • Boosts tourism revenue
  • Encourages cultural exchange
  • Relaxation through Travel

Student Visa

Allows foreign nationals to study in a foreign country for the duration of an educational course.

  • Quality Education
  • Exposure to diverse perspectives
  • Facilitates growth and independence
  • Build global network

PR Visa

Grants foreign nationals’ permission to live & stay in a foreign country for work, family reunification, or other purposes.

  • Stable life in a foreign
  • Access to public services
  • Opportunities for employment/investment
  • Family reunification

Work Visa

A temporary or permanent permit issued by a country to foreign nationals to legally work for a specified period.

  • Legal Authorization to Work
  • Employment Opportunities
  • Economic Growth
  • Cultural Exchange
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Sudaksha Visas2Go

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Sudaksha Visas2Go is one of the thriving immigration consulting firms in Hyderabad, offering expert guidance on various immigration matters. Our team specializes in handling multiple types of visa applications, regardless of complexity, and is well-equipped to assist you at any stage of the visa process, whether it's pre or post-submitting your application, or even if you need to appeal a refusal.We understand the intricacies involved in visa applications and the amount of information you must navigate through.

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