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UK Tourist Visa


As an individual classified as a Standard Visitor, you possess the privilege of being able to travel to the United Kingdom for many purposes, including but not limited to tourism, conducting business affairs, pursuing educational opportunities lasting no more than six months, and any other authorized reasons that may be deemed appropriate.

It is customary for individuals visiting the UK to stay for 6 months. However, there are certain circumstances under which one may be eligible to extend their stay, such as for medical treatment purposes

What you need to do

  • 1. Confirm that your intended course of action in the UK is permitted for Standard Visitors
  • 2. Verify that you fulfill the prerequisites for eligibility
  • 3. Determine whether you require a visa to enter the UK
  • 4. If you require a Standard Visitor visa, submit an online application

What you can and cannot do ('permitted activities')

  • As a Standard Visitor, there are several reasons why you can visit the UK, including:
  • Tourism, meeting family or friends, volunteering with a registered charity for up to 30 days, passing through the UK to another country, attending business meetings or interviews, participating in a school exchange program, taking a recreational course for up to 30 days, studying, doing a placement, or taking an exam, and visiting for medical or academic reasons as a senior doctor or dentist.

You cannot work for:

However, you cannot work for a UK business or claim public funds, stay in the country for extended periods through repeated visits, or get married or register a civil partnership without applying for a Marriage Visitor visa.

Before you apply

To enter the UK as a Standard Visitor, even if you don't need a visa, you must still be eligible. At the border, officials may ask about your eligibility and planned activities. If you have a criminal record or have been refused entry to the UK before, it's advisable to apply for a Standard Visitor visa, even if it's not required.